Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy... Doing Nothing

I haven't updated this thing in forever. And to think, I said I was going to update -more- when I got promoted. I actually have had a little bit more time now, but at lunch time, by the time I eat, check my email, check facebook, read some blogs, etc. I have about 2 minutes left to do an entry. Today I made sure I made time to do it, because people are harassing me about posting *coughJoecough*.

I was reading my friend's blog the other day and she was talking about doing fun things with her grand kids. It got me thinking about the fun stuff we do with Elijah and some of the fun things we have coming up.

Because Joe and I are still relatively young, we like to do as much as we can when we're not working. Elijah has become accustom to random road trips and even gets excited when he sees us putting on our shoes or heading toward the door (I swear, he's learning from our dog).

We usually are going down his Grandparents' house for the day, where he loves going in their swimming pool. Another place he loves to go is the park. He'll swing, slide and run around, then we usually have to restrain him, because he is kicking and screaming as we are walking to the car.

Last year he was too little to really do much of anything during the summer, but this year he's been having a ball. We went to Ocean City at the end of May. He loved walking on the board walk and was intrigued by the sand, but we couldn't go in the water because it was too cold. We are planning on going again in the middle of September, hopefully the warm weather will hold out and he'll be able to feel the water on his feet. We also went to the DC zoo, but he wasn't impressed with that. I think we'll wait another year and see if he's more "into" it then.

That's one thing about being a parent, (as I'm sure most of you know) whenever I think about trips to take, I think "What could Elijah have fun doing there?". With the answer to that question, the destination either goes up or down on the never ending list of possible trips. So coming upon the end of summer there are few places that made it to the top of that list... And they all happen to be right after each other.

The State Fair - The 10 best days of summer... or so they say. We took Elijah last year and he wasn't impressed. The only emotion we really got out of him was fear and that was because he was scarred of a cow. This year, he loves animals, so the petting zoo should be a good experience. :-)

Johnny Appleseed Festival - This is a festival at a local farm. They have a giant slide, hay maze, hay ride, pumpkins and live music to dance to... I think Elijah will have a wonderful time.

Aquarium - I have been there about a billion times, but Elijah has never been. I can't wait to see his face when he sees everything. Should be fun for everyone.

Those are only some of the upcoming things we have going on. We have relatives coming for a visit and a possible trip to Harrisburg PA to see my friend Linz. Like I said, busy busy busy.

Let's talk about YOU, for a few. What things do you have coming up that you're excited about or not so excited about?