Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Movie Wednesday...

Lots has been going on, between getting ready for Christmas, our furnace dying, working full time and being sick, I haven't had a chance to post anything or do anything really.

As of today we only have one more present to buy and we're done. We just need to wrap and we're done with that. Christmas cards and Christmas letters are in the works also, once that is done we will be ready for Christmas to come.

One thing, extra, we did this year was put up a Christmas tree. We haven't put one up in quite a few years because first Azalea was only with us for about a month the first year, then I was 8 and a half month pregnant the next year, third year Elijah was crawling around and I just wasn't prepared to deal with him not listening and getting into it. So here is year #4 and we were prepared to deal with whatever delemas came with having the tree up.

We had the tree up for a few days without anything on it, however even though Elijah had never had a Christmas tree in his house, he knew what was suppose to be done:

Here's a closer look... He put some of his toys on there for decoration.

Next came the lights. He loves those... he especially loves to count them.

Then came ornaments and the star

And we're done!

Elijah needed to examine the lights one more time to make sure they were working correctly.

And now it's time for the movie. Of course it's Christmas Tree related. Here is Elijah helping us put ornaments on the tree... literally.

Merry Christmas if I don't post again before then!