Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Between blogs and forums and galleries I sometimes feel like I have so much creativity that's it's coming out my ears. I haven't created a card or a scrapbook page in a couple weeks, or more, and this week I feel like I just want to make something. However life gets in the way, as usual. I was "spring cleaning" my house all last weekend and I mean ALL weekend because my Aunt and Uncle from South Dakota are in town and we invited them over. So the procrastinator in me said, "You know, you can just get it all done on Saturday."

The procrastinator in me apparently doesn't know time management because not only did it not take "Saturday" to get everything done, but all day Sunday too. The only good part about this whole thing is that everything is now clean and I can enjoy the clean until Hurricane Elijah and Tropical Storm Joe blow through it. But back to the topic...

I've seen so many wonderful things these past two weeks like this layout by GJCole at Digital Freebies(click on the picture to go to the gallery and give her some love):

I love the clear polka dotted bracket, it gave me an idea for a card. To help things along with my inspiration for this card, Joe got me some stuff from ACMoore on Sunday, for my anniversary present. This is what he got me:

Hampton Arts embossing powder in assorted colors.

Embossing ink

A heat gun... or the "PC" term - Heat tool.


A wooden polka dot stamp

Plus for good measure, white StazOn ink. I was debating on this and decided to get it, but it was meant to be because when we got up to the register the girl rang it up for $1 cause she couldn't find the price (it was really $14.99)

We shall see what comes from this burst of inspiration. Hopefully I'll have a card to show everyone on Monday. :-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video of the Week

This is Elijah playing with his Sesame Street software program. He was having fun until Big Bird showed up... Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Video of the week... Happens to be on a Monday

Movie Monday is back... atleast for this week.

This time the video needs a back story or you won't get it. We've been reading to Elijah since, basically day 1. We would read before he would "go to bed for the night". Once we established a bedtime routine (when he was sleeping through the night), we would read 3-4 books to him, then it was sleepy time.

When he got older we put the books on the bookshelf or lying around, so if he wanted to look at them and "read", he could. One of his favorite books to flip through is Farm Friends. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't. (If I wasn't afraid that this wouldn't get posted until next month, I would go home and take a picture of it) It's a fun little book that rhymes and says what each animal says, for instance, "How does the cow say 'how do you do?' Moo moo moo". "How does the duck say 'ya'll come back?' Quack quack quack.

So last night we asked him to "read" Farm Friends to us and this is what we heard:

Please excuse my annoying laughing and the camera shaking. I couldn't help myself... It was sooo cute. I loved how he did "da da da" for the question, then "gee gee" or whatever for the answer. :-)

So until next time... I'm out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Movie of the month (haha) and a layout

I have been slacking... which is horrible, especially when in my last post I said I wanted to get better at updating. After that post a new lady started in Petty Cash and I have been so stressed out that I have to go out somewhere during lunch, plus it gives my nose a break since she smokes, so half the time I can hardly breathe and I sneeze all the time. Then today my nose started bleeding because it's so irritated all week. Thank God I will be out of there on the 27th, then hopefully I'll be able to start posting again during lunch, on a regular basis.

Ok, enough complaining out of me, onto the movie of the week:

Elijah was helping his Grandma vaccum her kitchen.

I also finally got a layout done today. Apparently the only way for me to get a layout done the same day that I start it is if all the following happens

1. I start with a sketch
2. Elijah sleep for 2-2.5 hours
3. Joe is not around
4. I am at my parents house doing laundry (cause my washer died)
5. I can't log onto the Internet
6. I have an assigned kit that I need to use
7. I know the pictures and subject I want to use, ahead of time.

And this was the outcome:

Everything is the Digital Freebies Mega Kit "Arizona Summer"

The journaling reads: "You certainly love your bubbles. You could play with them for a good 30 minutes, just trying to catch them and pop them. You are facinated by the fact that some hit the ground, but don't pop. Of course, when they do, they are no match for your little fingers.

I love how you take joy in the little things, like popping bubbles and swinging. I hope you continue to for the rest of your life."

I'm out. I'll try to update again soon, atleast with another video.