Monday, September 10, 2012

Christmas in August...

Christmas is Elijah's favorite holiday. It's no secret around these parts. Yesterday he told us that Azalea (our dog) wants to go see Santa Clause. He also told us that he is going to ask Santa for the Angry Birds Space Toy. That is at the top of his Christmas list. But to top it all off, for the past few weeks he has been singing his own rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas":

This year we are definitely going to have to have that sing-along we tried to do last year. It apparently is also time to start thinking of the fall and winter fun lists again. Money is tight, so we'll have to do a cheap version. I'm sure Elijah will have lots of input. He was super excited when I mentioned we could write a letter to Santa, so we will have to do that in the near future.

Lots of stuff to plan, lots of stuff to do and lots of time to do it... but for Elijah's sake "Please Christmas, don't be late"...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Back in November we had a get together at Penelope's parents' house. While we were there they decided to entertain the kids with some "magic". Popcorn magic.

At first no one was interested.

Once the kernels were poured in all of them were wondering what was going on.

Put the lid on...

And watch.

Once the kernels started popping all the kids were going crazy.

They really had a good time. Look at all that popcorn!

Mmmm. Good stuff.

You can see their reactions in this video.

Who would have known so much enjoyment could be had with something so simple...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bubble Guppies Party...

Caleb is an odd child, as I have mentioned before, but one of his odd traits is that he is interested in next to nothing. He is very picky about the toys he plays with and the shows he watches. He would rather socialize with people than do anything else. He has gotten better as the months have gone by though. He has some favorite toys and favorite shows now and one of his favorite shows is Bubble Guppies.

I tried to do a Bubble Guppies themed party, but it was hard since (as with the Angry Birds) there aren't any party supplies with the faces and logo on it. I found a lot of different things on, which was very helpful, but it turned out to be part pool party, part fish/ocean and part Bubble Guppies theme.

We started out the party with an activity.

The kids made fish shakers. They put different colored beads into small plastic bottles. Once done they received a baggie with the fins cut out of foam (each one got to pick the color they wanted) and some googly eyes to glue on at home.

Caleb also did an activity. Marble painting.

No touching is required for this "craft". I bought boxes with lids from Dollar Tree. They are the perfect size for this project. Joe cut out the pieces of paper to fit inside the boxes. I put glue dots in each corner and pressed it down just hard enough to stick, but not be on there for the long haul. Then I put 6 marbles in each box and put globs of red, blue and yellow acrylic paint (one color per two marbles). Let the child shake, shake, shake and this is what you end up with.

It's a new design each and every time. (No, you are no imagining things, it is a different colored container. This pic was taken another time we did it with some other friends, cause the pics from the party didn't turn out)

Afterward we headed outside to eat some veggies and dip


Everyone seemed to like the food

The kids played in the pool and on the swing set after eating.

Those things you see floating in the pool are sponge balls. The kids liked playing with them. Unfortunately, one fell apart. I will be sure to make them sturdier next time.

We also were suppose to play "pin the tail on gil". Right before that I was feeling really sick (I think it was lack of sleep and the heat), so Joe took over. Everything was going great (so I'm told) until the blindfold came out. Elijah and Penelope refused to wear it, so Charlotte won by default (yay Charlotte!). 

*Crafty Note* I put together the pieces in Photoshop. My brother-in-law works at Staples, so they did the oversize printing and laminating for me. Grommets were set with a Crop-A-Dile.

Everyone had enough of outside, so we came in and opened presents. One of Caleb's favorite presents was from his Grandma. It's a homemade blanket. He loves it and falls asleep with it every night.

After presents was dessert. We had cupcakes decorated like fish.

or as I like to call them - Fish Cakes. We had a whole school of them shaped like a 1.

The kids got their favor buckets before they left.

We put some extra special goodies in there to go along with the bubbles and other things.

They got Bubble Bites... Actually Kix cereal (I designed, and Joe assembled the Bubble Bites packages)

And gummy letters spelling out each of their names

After all was said and done, I say it was another successful party. 

Although, I don't know if I'll be doing another big party any time soon. Two in one year was enough for me (for now). Next year will be more low key in regards to birthdays, but I'm sure the boys will have fun and enjoy them no matter what we do.