Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OLW - Check in for March

One Little Word didn't really happen this month, because everyone (except Joe) decided to get sick. With having two sick children and being sick myself I feel like I have lost three weeks of my life. I hardly took any pictures, we only went out of the house, as a family, a few times... Except for making a trip to the hospital and several trips to various doctors. I'm trying to get my world back in order... and the house back in order. Yesterday and the day before have been the first full days that we had been able to really tackle cleaning and organizing. We made some progress, so at least it's a step in the right direction.

On the "enjoy" side of life, the first week and a half of the month was pretty good. Our friends Linz and Matt came to visit from Harrisburg. Linz is one of my best friends... We met online about 13 years ago and have kept in touch all this time. She used to live in Pittsburgh, so we would only be able to see her maybe every other year, if we were lucky, but since she and her boyfriend moved to Harrisburg we have had the luxury of seeing them 2 to 3 times a year now. And, of course, it's always fun when we can get together.

Also this month, The Gma (Joe's grandma) came to visit. She's so fun to talk to. I love when we all get to see her. The whole family got together over the weekend while she was visiting, so there was plenty of board games, Rock Band and eating going on.

Picture courtesy of Jacqi

Also during the get-together photo shoot Jacqi took a nice picture of the four of us

I think I might get it framed

This past weekend things finally felt like they were getting back to normal, in every sort of way. We went grocery shopping, we cleaned, did laundry and dishes. We also drove to a local farm and let Elijah feed the goats and the ducks:

And we hit up Toys R Us because Elijah had a gift card and some birthday money left. He decided on a Little Tykes BBQ food set and a Blue Angry Bird kite. Looks like he's ready for Spring and Summer. While we were there we also took a look at the bikes and the motorized cars aisle (Elijah's favorite). The boys really liked these cars.

Too bad they were too much for my wallet. Maybe for Christmas... Or Caleb for his birthday... Who knows.

Let's hope April fares better than March, in every sort of way. This lack of blog postings is really depressing. :-)

Until next time...