Thursday, February 26, 2009

Layout and News

I did another layout. It kind of speaks for itself.

This was the day of Elijah's dedication. He looked so handsome in his dress shirt and tie. He reminded me of a little man, so I decided to scrapbook about it.

Now the news... I wasn't posting about my life because, to me, nothing was going right and I was waiting for everything to blow over. I don't like to vent on here, so there was pretty much nothing to post about, except the new stuff Elijah was doing. So, without further ado - Joe got a job. It's permanate, it's full time, it pays well and has great benefits. He was told yesterday that he would find out in 2 weeks, but the guy met with the other guy and they decided to offer it to him today. Of course he accepted. :-) He starts March 9th. Yayness!!

On top of that, Spring is almost here and I'm really excited about that too. Hehe. But, for now, I'm out.


marie said...

This photo is just great ~ he did look like a little man. A very handsome little man!

I am so excited about Joe's new job ~ especially because it's a permanent full-time
position ~ with benefits and vacation time. Yayness is right!

I know what you mean about sometimes feeling like there's nothing to post about. I get that way too ~ but that's when I sit back and ponder and pray and the Lord always shows me something He wants me to say (or He very clearly says "take a break from it Marie"). Whether it be a funny story or memory or even an encouraging (hopefully) bit of insight.
I wish I had something like a blog when my kids were little. It would have been a great way for me to document their antics(especially Joe's) and my thoughts about them.
Now that life seems to be settling down, I hope you'll be able to find some neat things to share!
Love to all three of you ~ He has awesome plans for you ~ you know!!

Tula said...

Wooooohooooooo! Congrats on the job. YaY!

Your little man is so adorable. I miss my kids being babies.