Monday, April 20, 2009

Movie Monday

It's movie Monday again... I almost forgot. Here is Elijah playing on his microphone. He's practicing to be on American Idol in... what... 16 years? BTW, yes, he has the most mismatched clothes on, your eyes are not deceiving you. When we are at home nothing ever matches... it's something special we do when we go out places.

Another BTW, the reason we burst out laughing at the end is that the whole time he was doing that Azalea was freaking out and trying to get over to him to see if he was ok. Like 2 seconds before the video ends you can hear her whine (which she never does normally), so we just had to laugh.

That is all for right now. I'm out.


marie said...

Maybe he and Azalea can start a duet?
How long did it take him to learn the words to this particular song?! : )

Mandy said...

That crazy kid!