Monday, June 15, 2009

I feel so accomplished

This past weekend was good and bad. But I'll only blog about the good. So you know that list of things I had to do by Tuesday... I got a chunk of it done. I made a card...

Actually I made 3 on Friday night, after Elijah went to bed, but I can't show the other two yet. This one is for our friends Steve and Brie. I made it at like 1:30am... so the next day I looked at it and didn't like how the pen marks skipped on the paper, so I found a black marker and redid the "stitching" and the names. :-D

DCWV paper
Greetings Clear Stamps - Thinking of You
Frog Punch (I'll have to go home and look at the maker, cause I can't find it online)
Black marker

We went to lunch on Saturday for my my mother-in-law and father-in-law's birthdays. It was yummy and Elijah was surprisingly well behaved. Afterward we went over their house to visit some. Marie brought out some chunky jewelry for me to look through. I picked out a pair of earrings, but couldn't find anything else I liked. I'm just gonna go to the Goodwill that's up the street from our house to get some rings and a bracelet or 3. That's another thing that's partly checked off my list.

Then Sunday a tree fell in our backyard. Well... we found out about it Sunday, turns out it actually fell on Thursday. Apparently we don't go in our backyard much. Joe was busy for most of the day chopping it up with my dad. So my mom, Elijah and I went to Kohls to look for a black dress. And I found one! I didn't know it would be that easy. There were 3 that I picked out of the like 20 to choose from. This is one that was chosen out of those:

It's fancier than it looks in this picture. It has two layers on the bottom, so the top layer flies out a little bit when I spin, then the top has gathers... I guess that's what you call them. If you go to this website you can zoom in on the top and see what I'm talking about.

So that was my weekend. Hopefully my week will be as good or better. I have dance practice tonight, tomorrow and Thursday, then dress rehearsal is Friday and the show is Saturday. I can't believe it's this close. Time to tap tap tap... I'm out.


marie said...

Hi Jo ~ I love the dress! perfect for the recital (what with the spin factor and all) and also perfect for wearing on special ocassions afterwards. I'm looking forward to the recital ~ glad I could supply the earrings for you!

Sue McGettigan said...

That dress is a classic, hope you have a great time!