Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Will Follow Him...

... wherever he may go. There isn't an ocean so deep. A mountain so high it can't keep... keep me away...

So after listening to that song and the song "Heatwave" about 900,000 times between listening in my car (while going over the moves in my head) and practicing in the studio, the dance show finally came... and went. It was bitter sweet because we spent hours of hard work to perfect moves and learn how to tap together to get to the show, but after is kind of a let down. I don't get to see my tap buddies for MONTHS when for months I would see them every week or so.

The only thing getting me through is knowing that it starts all over again in September. Yay! So without further ado - Here's the tap number I was in, for all who are interested:


My wonderful husband taped it for me... and sat through the entire dress rehearsal. He's such a trooper. My MIL (Marie) and SILs (Katie and Mandy) all came to the show. For which I appreciate and hope they enjoyed themselves.


Katie said...

I definitely enjoyed myself and have to say that your number, hands down, was the most entertaining of the night!!

Anonymous said...

oh that was so cute! the dancing group will follow!

love that song..and will now proceed to sing it all day in honour of you!

ciao bella
what a nice hubby you have to tape that for you.he's a keeper!
.mine would have done the same!

creative carmelina

marie said...

I loved the show - and your number was definitely my favorite!

Good job with the video Joe! Has Elijah seen his Mommy on video yet!

The summer will go quickly ~ you'll be tapping again before you know it!

Libbie said...

That was so fun to see! What a fun number to dance too! I am sure your friends & family had a wonderful time!