Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blues Clues Anyone?

About a month ago Elijah and I started watching Blues Clues, since I like it and I felt that he was old enough to understand the concept. Some things he's still too young for, but he loves finding the clues. So one evening he was sitting in the living room alone, while I went upstairs to do something. When I came back down the stairs he said, "Monnie (mommy)" stretching out his arms and hands, showing me his palms, "I have clues!". It was apparently some sort of revelation to him. I, of course, praised him for his observation and told him, yes, he in fact has "clues".
How long was he was sitting down there thinking about that? And what 2-year-old makes that connection? Who knows... Sometimes I think he is a 4-year-old trapped in a 2-year-old's body.

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marie said...

I agree - I'm amazed at what comes out of that little guy!