Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just be patient, I'm a work in progress...

Alan Jackson said it best and it certainly applied to Elijah's room a month ago... When I started this blog entry (oops). First we had to clear out his bedroom, so it could be painted. Joe had to move furniture to other rooms, we had to move Elijah into our room and then the rest of the stuff got piled in the middle of the floor and covered with a drop cloth. This is what the room looked like the day after Joe and his dad finished painting.

They did a wonderful job! (That long thin white thing that is resting against the wall with the closet is the molding that is on top of the blackboard portion of the wall.) That next Friday and Saturday (it needed two coats), Joe and I painted the blackboard paint. This is what that looked like before the molding was put on.

Oh my, what a sight! No carpet, painters tape around the edges and uneven paint job on the top of the blackboard, nothing on the walls, no curtains, no plate covers, no light switch cover. What a mess! Fortunately, everything was falling into place and even though it looks a mess, it's just a work in progress and we could finally see it taking shape.

That Sunday we put the molding on... with my dad's help. Then Monday the carpet people came bright and early to install that. Once the carpet was installed it really started to look like a bedroom. We moved his toy box up there a few days after and soon the other furniture followed. Plate covers and light switch covers were "installed", his dresser was fixed and moved in there and his bed was moved in there that next week. So now he's sleeping in there and he loves it, but I think when it's really completely done he'll love it even more.

We ended up buying one other thing for his wall. It's a wall plaque with his name on it. We are going to do that instead of putting up the train letters. However, you could say this wall plaque is special because of what's on it... BUT Joe has sworn me to secrecy... Even Elijah hasn't seen it yet. I guess everyone will have to wait and see it when I post the pictures of how his room looks when it's all finished. Hopefully that won't take another month. :-)


Katie said...

It's definitely taking shape. Can't wait to see it completed!

marie said...

Looks good! Love the chalkboard paint...I can't wait to see more....especially the secret wall decor!