Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Airport Fun...

In late May we were running early (for once) for a birthday party for a certain 4-year-old. Since we were too far away to go home and they live near the airport, we decided we could kill a hour or so in the terminal. So we forked out a whopping $4 for parking and headed in.

Little did we know there were places there the kids could play. It's called the Sky Deck. You can watch the planes take off and land there also. At our airport (BWI) they actually have two of them, but we only ventured into one. We will probably hit up the other one next time.

There was a mock-up airplane that had seats, so you could either pretend you were a pilot or a passenger.

Elijah decided to be the pilot.

Both boys enjoyed another thing they had there where you could pop up from inside of it and see out these giant bubbles.

Caleb liked sitting on the luggage cart too.

It was a very nice place to spend a hour. We had snacks and looked around at some of the exhibits (you could see what the inside of a real cockpit looks like... through plastic of course).

Elijah often asks to go back to the airport. He means to play in this area. Little does he know that we will be going back to the airport in about 6 months to actually take a flight. I'm sure he will be very excited when he finds out.

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marie said...

As many times as I've been to that airport, I've never visited this area. It looks like it's a lot of's also a great spot for photos! Bright and colorful = fun photos!