Monday, March 12, 2012

Fall and Winter Fun List - The Outcome

With the official start of Spring being a week away (You have no idea how excited I am, even though we didn't really have a winter, at all), I thought I would recap the Fall and Winter with a review of our Fun List. It seems like eons ago that we made it.

Here's the end result:

  • Host a Trunk and participate in Trunk or Treat - We didn't get to host a trunk, we planned on it, but when they had to reschedule because of the weather, we couldn't do it. But we did go and had a lot of fun.
  • Go to the Johnny Appleseed Festival - Yup, Elijah had his first experience picking apples
  • Pick out pumpkins - We did this at the festival
  • Take some fun Fall pictures - Fun... Challenging... What's the difference?
  • Carve and/or paint pumpkin(s) - Ended up painting, cause it was more kid friendly
  • Pick out and cut down our Christmas tree - We did and Katie, Charlotte and Mark came along to take pictures of the whole process

  • Have a snowball fight - Maybe if we had snow this would have been plausable
  • Take some nice Christmas pictures - Azalea didn't get to come along because it would have been too much going on (maybe next year), but we did do this while we were hunting for Christmas trees

  • Decorate "tree" advent calendar - With Elijah's help - By the time I went to buy the advent calendar I wanted, they were sold out and not restocking it. I couldn't find a suitable replacement, so we did a countdown on Elijah's chalkboard instead
  • Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries - Some were celebrated late, but we did celebrate them.
This is us on my birthday...

  • Play catch in the backyard - We didn't play it in the backyard, but we did have random games of catch  in the house
  • Make Christmas cards - With the kids help - We sent out Christmas cards, but not the ones I was planning on when I made this list. Maybe I will do the homemade ones next year.
  • Help at church - In some way (because volunteering should be fun) - We didn't do it as a family, since we didn't host a trunk, but Joe volunteered as an usher and on the chair team.
  • Go sledding - No snow = No sledding
  • Put together a 100 piece puzzle - With Elijah's help - We had some ups and downs with the process, but he had fun, in the end.
  • Attend the Ladies Christmas Tea (Meanwhile the guys will have a guys day out) - Was planning on going until we found out how much the price of the tickets were. Instead my mom, my sister and I went out to eat. It was the first time in approx 18 years that we haven't attended the tea, so it was sad, but we couldn't justify the cost with what was provided.
  • Have a Christmas songs sing-along night - It wasn't a whole night, but songs were sung and a good time was had.
  • Play in the leaves - Yes, there was plenty of that going on.
  • Visit friends in Pennsylvania - I am actually shocked that this didn't happen. I have no idea why either...

  • Go see Santa Clause - This almost didn't happen too, but we went to see him at the last minute. We got the extra enjoyment of a little tour of the firehouse too.

Not too shabby. We also did random fun things, not on this list, like roller skating, get togethers with Joe's side of the family, going to a Harvest Party and attending Winterfest, to name a few.

I don't think I will be making a fun list for the Spring... We seem to have no problem finding fun things to do in the Spring and Summer. We actually have to make sure we don't commit ourselves to too much. However, even though there isn't a list, I plan on updating about the fun we will be having in the coming months. So be sure to come back and take a look!


marie said...

I love that you kept track of all guys accomplished a bunch of stuff! Making memories is a wonderful thing!

The photo of you all on your birthday is such a good one...everyone looks so happy!

Libbie said...

Holy Moley! I knew you guys were busy! Good idea to make a list ! Sure would motivate me to do some stuff! Even if it is fun stuff sometimes it is hard to make my self do it :) Especially dragging four kiddos along :) We stay home WAY more than we used to! LOVE those family pics at the tree farm!