Friday, January 18, 2013

Elijah's First Baseball Game

I don't know how people blog on a regular basis... I guess it's just not one of my gifts in life to be able to sit down and compose a blog post in one sitting... or post regularly. I would make that one of my New Years resolutions, but I know, even before I make it, that I will fail miserably. Anyway, since I couldn't post timely about some of the fun things we did last year (after all my OLW was enjoy) I thought I would look back and share a few pictures.

In September we took a trip to an Orioles game. Elijah was super excited to go since it was his first one.

He said he needed to sit in the #4 seat since he was 4.

We were in the nosebleeds, but it didn't matter. It was still fun.

Joe enjoyed watching the game with him.

It was a really long game, so around the 6th inning he needed a bit of a distraction. Iphone to the rescue.

But whenever the crowd started cheering loudly he knew something was going on. He didn't want to miss anything exciting.

This is what happens when you try to let your four-year-old take a "facebook" photo. Photo fail.

Then it was time for the fireworks. What he'd been waiting for all evening.

He loved them. They were set to music (my favorite kind of fireworks), so they were actually very entertaining.

Apparently Elijah enjoyed himself thoroughly, because last night (5 months later) Joe asked if he wanted to go to another baseball game. He exclaimed, "YES" then asked, "Can we see fireworks too?" I'm sure Joe is very happy that Elijah likes baseball games. A boy after his own heart.


marie said...

I think working full-time and taking care of two little and one big boy keeps you a little too busy to blog frequently...maybe your goal should be regular quarterly posts! : )

The ball game was a fun outing. Elijah definitely had a great did I!

Libbie said...

Hi! You changed your blog name! Love it! I know what you mean about struggling to get posts up regularly! I go in spurts lately :)

That is so funny that he would stop playing the iphone when everyone was cheering ! I love the look on his face there! We need to get our kids to a game this summer. Every kid needs to go!

Great pics BTW!

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