Monday, October 28, 2013

Caleb Update

First up is my Caleb-baby.

He has been doing speech therapy and special ed sessions for 5 months, now. He has started doing the sounds for "m" and "d" and he even said daddy when we were grocery shopping a month or so ago. We are currently working on animal sounds and sounds like choo choo and vroom when playing with different things.

He is doing well with his special ed sessions also. I had been working on "pointing" with him for weeks and I heard today he finally pointed to something when his teacher was there. Also, last month, I gave him a piece of chalk and a slate blackboard.

He "drew a picture"!

Then, a couple days ago he drew his first picture on paper, with a pencil. 

He was delayed with holding writing objects and drawing with them, so it was good to see these accomplishments.

Other than that, he has been a healthy and happy little boy. He loves the Ipod and the Nook to play his toddler apps (just like Elijah used to). He also loves playing with balls, tossing them back and forth. He likes to play with the hula hoop too, but it's a little advanced for him. So he just likes sitting in the center of it and making it go around in a circle... very slowly.

One of his other favorite activities - watching the microwave count down

The other day he started doing a little bob, up and down dance, to music. He was so cute. I'm going to have to get it on video. He usually doesn't express himself in movement of his own invention. When he does "dance" it is imitating whatever we are doing. I loved every minute of it.

That is about it. He is growing up so fast. I feel like I don't want to blink because I'm going to miss it.

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marie said...

Tell Caleb that Gramma likes to watch the microwave count down too!