Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elijah is Six!

Elijah turns 6-years-old today!

He has been counting down since the day after Christmas and the day finally here. We will be celebrating with balloons and presents, as usual, and Elijah has requested that we eat inside McDonalds for his birthday dinner. I guess that's doable, even with the single digit temperatures that are suppose to be going on tonight. You only get a birthday dinner once a year.

Elijah has been keeping himself busy this Christmas season.

 Him and his art clothes line. That stocking has been there since last year. He couldn't bear to take it down. He made the Christmas tree out of paper strips for art, when we were studying symmetry. The Santa is an advent calendar. He glued a cotton ball on his beard every night, faithfully (for the most part). The Jesus picture is from Easter (another one he didn't want to take down). Next is a family tree picture from daddy's side and the last thing, you can hardly see, is his Build-A-Bear puppy Brown's birth certificate.

We also built a gingerbread house out of Styrofoam (since the real kind never get eaten and go to waste.)

He also (helped) decorated the tree. He could reach up even farther this year. 
We still have to work on disbursing the ornaments instead of hanging them all 
together in various spots, but I'm sure he will have it down next Christmas.

I hope this is a wonderful year for him. He is such a great kid. I wish him many more happy years just being a kid, having fun.


marie said...

He IS a great kid!! Love the tree photo and the art clothes line!!
Happiest of days sweet Elijah!

Libbie Doyle said...

How did I miss these!!!! So darling Jo!