Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scrapbooking Junk

I have been stressing since yesterday... do you know why? It's not for any catastrophic reason... It's because a certain place I do a challenge at is coming out with a certain mega kit on the 15th. As a member of the staff, I was offered the chance to download the kit for free and create a layout with it for the "this is what you can do with this kit" preview.

This is not the first time I was offered this chance. Actually I have done this every quarter for the past year and a half. This time I am at a loss though. I know what I want to do my layout about and I know how many pictures I want to include... I even know how I want to do my title. My problem is I don't know where to put my pictures on the page. I have looked through the many many sketches I have acquired and even though the sketch magazine Joe bought me last month to no avail. Usually when I see "the" sketch, it pops out at me and says "This is your inspiration". I have had no sketches do this.

The other reason I'm stressing is because we weren't told the theme for the kit or able to download the stuffs until the 8th. Which means I had less than a week to come up with all this stuff AND do the layout... This coming from the person who takes 15 weeks to do one of her own layouts (hence why I'm not on any CTs at the moment).

In conclusion, I would really appreciate any links to sketches that have 2 photos (they can be paper scrapbooking sketches) . TIA.


marie said...

Here's a couple links from someone who know virtually nothing about scrapbooking.
Did you try googling scrapbook sketches and searching in images? That's what I did.

Katie said...

Are you using two horizontal photos, two vertical photos, or a mix of the two? The mix will be difficult to find a sketch for, but two of the same shouldn't be too difficult.

I tend to just look at one sketch layouts and divide the photo into two. For instance, two vertical photos placed side by side take up about the same space as a single horizontal photo, and vice versa.

And I'm sure you do this already, but I always like to rotate sketches that I have. Sometimes the wrong sketch turned sideways or upside down turns into a fantastic page.

Good luck!