Monday, July 20, 2009

Video of the week... Happens to be on a Monday

Movie Monday is back... atleast for this week.

This time the video needs a back story or you won't get it. We've been reading to Elijah since, basically day 1. We would read before he would "go to bed for the night". Once we established a bedtime routine (when he was sleeping through the night), we would read 3-4 books to him, then it was sleepy time.

When he got older we put the books on the bookshelf or lying around, so if he wanted to look at them and "read", he could. One of his favorite books to flip through is Farm Friends. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't. (If I wasn't afraid that this wouldn't get posted until next month, I would go home and take a picture of it) It's a fun little book that rhymes and says what each animal says, for instance, "How does the cow say 'how do you do?' Moo moo moo". "How does the duck say 'ya'll come back?' Quack quack quack.

So last night we asked him to "read" Farm Friends to us and this is what we heard:

Please excuse my annoying laughing and the camera shaking. I couldn't help myself... It was sooo cute. I loved how he did "da da da" for the question, then "gee gee" or whatever for the answer. :-)

So until next time... I'm out.


Katie said...

I love how he speed reads (upside down no less) at the end. The kid is awesome!!

marie said...

That was wonderful! He's brilliant! (and very cute too!)