Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Between blogs and forums and galleries I sometimes feel like I have so much creativity that's it's coming out my ears. I haven't created a card or a scrapbook page in a couple weeks, or more, and this week I feel like I just want to make something. However life gets in the way, as usual. I was "spring cleaning" my house all last weekend and I mean ALL weekend because my Aunt and Uncle from South Dakota are in town and we invited them over. So the procrastinator in me said, "You know, you can just get it all done on Saturday."

The procrastinator in me apparently doesn't know time management because not only did it not take "Saturday" to get everything done, but all day Sunday too. The only good part about this whole thing is that everything is now clean and I can enjoy the clean until Hurricane Elijah and Tropical Storm Joe blow through it. But back to the topic...

I've seen so many wonderful things these past two weeks like this layout by GJCole at Digital Freebies(click on the picture to go to the gallery and give her some love):

I love the clear polka dotted bracket, it gave me an idea for a card. To help things along with my inspiration for this card, Joe got me some stuff from ACMoore on Sunday, for my anniversary present. This is what he got me:

Hampton Arts embossing powder in assorted colors.

Embossing ink

A heat gun... or the "PC" term - Heat tool.


A wooden polka dot stamp

Plus for good measure, white StazOn ink. I was debating on this and decided to get it, but it was meant to be because when we got up to the register the girl rang it up for $1 cause she couldn't find the price (it was really $14.99)

We shall see what comes from this burst of inspiration. Hopefully I'll have a card to show everyone on Monday. :-)

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Michael Rochelle said...

LOL @ Hurricane Elijah and Tropical Storm Joe. I guess you shouldn't have beach-front property where those forces are known to come and go freely. LOL.