Friday, October 23, 2009


Elijah has a lot of quirks about him. One of them is that he knows what he wants and there is no way you can talk him into doing or eating something that he doesn't want. Since he was about 11 months old, he has had this eating thing going on. He won't eat unless he's watching something he likes to watch and he doesn't like to touch squishy things with his hands.

We have tried many many many many (you get the point) different things to try to get him to expand his horizons, to no avail. We play something on TV and feed him jarred baby food, so he'll get some fruits and veggies in him, but after putting up with this for almost a year, I'm just worn out and have decided we will keep doing what we're doing and when he wants to try other foods we'll let him.

Then yesterday a miracle happened. Joe and I had McDonalds, so as usual Joe got Elijah french fries (his favorite), but this time he also got him some nuggets. Before we handed them over we both figured they would end up on the floor, especially because Azalea was roaming around and Elijah loves to feed her. To our surprise he held one in his hand for about a minute, then he took a little bite, decided he liked it, then continued to eat until he ate, not just one, but both of them. Joe and I were shocked.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from this event because I was scared that if he got wind that he was eating something even remotely good for him that he would end up tossing it on the floor. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new phase, where he'll start trying more things... If not, I'll just stick it out a while longer and be ready when he is.


marie said...

I've been praying that he would try some new foods! Yea for chicken! Maybe he'll try a banana or some yogurt soon!

Katie said...

Mmmm.... McNuggets!! :)