Friday, October 9, 2009


Last Saturday we went over to my in-law's house for dinner and to visit. While we were there my mother-in-law wanted to take pics of all three "babies" with pumpkins, mums and jack-o-lanters. These are some of the pics that turned out. There was craziness while trying to take the pictures, as to be expected with toddlers, but I think the pics turned out really good.

I didn't take those pics, my sister-in-law Jacqi did. I was busy trying to get everyone to look toward the camera. But I took some after the fact:

There were also lots of hugs and kisses going on afterward. Charlotte wanted to give Elijah a hug, but they were a little unstable - See here .

Then Elijah wanted to give Penelope a hug... You know, passing it on...

And then Charlotte gave her a kiss

This is one of my favorite photos from my camera. I love how both of them have the same look on their face, examining whatever it is they are trying to pick up.

I was inspired by the photo shoot, so the next day we took Elijah to the park and Joe and I took these pics:

I hope you enjoyed looking. I'm in the mood this weekend to make cards and/or scrapbook pages, so on Monday I should have something to show you. :-) Ttyl!

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Heather J. said...

That last picture is my favorite of all of them. What a cutie!!!