Thursday, January 7, 2010


My precious little baby doll turns two today!

We are celebrating tonight... and because everyone in the family gets to pick a birthday dinner, but he can't really talk yet, we decided he would get a McNugget Happy Meal for his dinner. I think he will love it and he doesn't even have to have any veggies if he doesn't want them.

After dinner we are having cupcakes... and cookies (Nutter Butters) because he loves cookies. Opening presents will be last, but I'm sure his favorite part of the day. He got in plenty of practice at Christmas, so he should be rarin to go.

I'll post pics of his birthday celebration later this week and might even have a video or two to share also. Happy New Year, everyone... A little late.


marie said...

I LOVE this photo - except he looks too grown up in it! He looks like he's holding very still and standing very straight so the new "cape" doesn't fall off!
He is such a cute guy!
I love you Elijah!
Have a happy, happy day!!!

Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (Charlotte says happy birthday to Lijah too!)

Shay said...

Happy Birthday, Elijah. Hope you enjoy your day. All my boys love chicken nuggets and nutter butters too.