Monday, March 22, 2010

Penelope's Birthday Card

The babiest baby of the family, Penelope, turns 1 in a few days, but we celebrated yesterday. This is the card I made her. Every "baby" has an animal that is representative of them. I actually forget what Elijah's is, but I use monkeys and dogs, cause he likes them so much. Charlotte's is a giraffe and Penelope's is a dragon/dragonfly. That is why there are dragonflies on the card.

It would be quite amazing if I could remember all the things I used. All I can really tell you is that the paper is DCWV - Pastels and DCWV - Animal Crackers. I'll update this when I get home with the exact stamp sets for the happy birthday and the hearts on either side. The chipboard letters I got in the dollar section of Target and the dragonflies I got from Target too. I still have some left in the package, I'll update that too. The white gel pen is the Signo broad white gel pen. And the circle cutter I bought about 900 years ago, so I have no clue who makes it or anything.
That's about it. I hope to update more in this thing. I have been working on my Laminated List for about a month now. It only took me about a week to come up with the names, the rest of the time has been made up of me finding the time to search the web for pictures and put them on the post. I hope to have that done sometime this week.... If I'm lucky.
I also have some other surprises in store. So stayed tuned.

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marie said...

I love this card ~ and it's even prettier in person! Monkeys, giraffes and dragons/dragonflies...those are the animals of choice.
Can't wait until you post your laminated list. I'll be sure to tell Mandy.