Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Birthday Card

The 7th was Joe's birthday and I had been planning on making him a card, but I never got around to it until about 2pm that day. Elijah did most of the work though:

Originally it was suppose to have more things on it, like a sentiment and buttons... manly buttons of course... and that was about it. However, after Elijah finished "writing" his message on the piece of cut out card stock, I was looking at it and thought that if anything else was on it, it would take away from whatever he did. I like the way it turned out. Inside it said "I told Elijah to write something for your birthday, so he wrote what is on the front of this card. It could mean anything, but I like to think it says, "I love you, daddy".

That's about it out of me. Nothing else going on, except we had a blizzard on Friday and Saturday and Lord only knows how much snow was dumped on us again today. They said on the news that the total for the winter of 2009-2010 is 72" and we are suppose to get more on Monday... When is Spring getting here again?

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marie said...

I think the card Elijah made for his daddy is perfect! And I think you're right - it sure looks like it says I love you Daddy!