Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution - In Review

As you might (probably not) remember, I posted our New Years resolutions in this post. Well, I must say after reading over it, we did relatively well. The goal of not eating out at all, of course, failed. However, we have cut back a lot and only eat out once in a while, on weekends mostly. We have figured out cheap and quick dinners and instead of ordering out for pizza, we get frozen instead. So even though we failed I feel like we are slowly getting to where we want to be and hope to continue that this coming year.

My goal to pay more attention to Azalea went well too. I made sure I acknowledged her when she greeted me at the door, each night, and gave her a little pat on the head, if I could. She is the type of dog that likes to be near people, so just letting her sit in the living room with us and watch TV made her happy. On November 1st she was tremendously happy, though, when her favorite person... My brother-in-law, Mike, moved into the basement. I was quickly relieved of my resolution, per her request, and was replaced by him. So until Mike and Reach move out she could really care less if I pay attention to her or not. Oh well...

Elijah's resolution to eat more things could have gone better, but he made a valiant effort. He started eating more fruit over the summer. Apples, Grapes, Strawberries and Blueberries were his favorites. Apples he will still eat in the winter, however the other ones he only likes when they are in season, so I'm guessing he won't be eating them again until next summer. He also ate some other new stuff, but he still isn't eating the same dinner as us, most nights. So we'll see what the new year brings, food wise, for little Elijah.


All of that leads us to this year. Joe and I have a joint resolution/goal, this year. It is to to really get a hold of our finances. We kind of started in the middle of last year and we are already seeing an improvement. If we continue to do really well this year we should be able to afford a down payment (and mortgage payments) for our own house next year or the year after. Our own house has been a long-term goal for us, so that is definitely motivation to continue doing well with it.

That is all from me today. I hope everyone has a good week and weekend... and year. :-)


marie said...

I'm glad you saw some success with some of your resolutions and I'm happy to pray for the ones you'll be continuing.

I'll definitely be paying special attention to Elijah's food choices amd your "someday a home of our own" plan!

Katie said...

I've noticed the improvement with Elijah's eating the past couple times I've seen you guys, so kudos to you and him!!

And good luck in settling your finances. It can be really hard to figure out what you can and can't afford (been there, done that for sure) so I wish you the best!