Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby To-Do List - 2 Weeks Left

This week has been very interesting. I have cleaned and sorted and straightened, but not because I actually wanted to do those things (nesting), I was forced into doing them. Meanwhile my feet are swelling like nobody's business and my back is killing me. BUT, I guess you didn't visit here to "hear" me complain. In other news, the baby is doing well.

I went for a growth sonogram at 36 weeks and they said at that time the baby was approx 6lbs 4oz, so he's probably going to be about the size Elijah was when he was born. I dunno, I just feel like I'm done. I'm ready for this kid to be born, whether I don't get any sleep or not. This is what the list has turned into. I have come to the conclusion that not everything is going to get done and I'm perfectly ok with that, at this point. It will all get done eventually...

Need to (in no particular order):
  • Decide on co-sleeper or bassinet
  • Find and buy a bassinet
  • Pick a name... First and middle
  • Go through, organize and wash new born clothes 
  • Go through, organize and wash 0-3 month clothes 
  • Buy Diapers  
  • Buy double stroller  
  • Buy a wipe warmer  
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Install infant car seat (probably won't be done until right after the baby is born)
  • Buy small toys/gifts for Elijah to receive when the baby gets presents
  • Wrap the small toys for Elijah (put them in gift bags is more like it)
  • Buy the big present for Elijah
  • Install TV in Elijah's room  
  • Find baby tub
  • Buy gift for Elijah from the baby
  • Wrap present from baby
  • Buy bassinet sheets
  • Buy baby tub
Progress this week:
  • Bought a baby tub. After we opened the box to make sure we liked it for sure, Elijah went over, got one of his baby dolls and put it in the sling part. Hopefully this is a good indication of things to come.
  • Joe put away the baby clothes... this wasn't on the list, but was a general thing that needed to be done.
  • We priced mounts for Elijah's TV. I'm not quite sure this is going to get done before the baby is born though, cause we are so close.

We are buying diapers for sure tomorrow and I'm pretty sure unless I get to it soon, the present from the baby is going to get wrapped at the hospital (haha). We are still undecided of what to get Elijah for his big present. I'm hoping he'll give us some hints.

So, with the time winding down, I hope to update next week, either with baby news/pictures or a list with everything crossed off (ha ha, again). Until next week...


marie said...

Two weeks!! Woo Hoo!
I'll talk mto Bill about coming by to help with the TV. He's off next know, right on your due date! : )

Katie said...

Yay for a new baby soon!! Just don't into labor early and have that kid while Mandy and I are out of town this weekend. Pretty please!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Poor must be so uncomfortable in all of this dreadful heat. I hope you and your feet are able to be somewhere cool. I had one of my kids in September...I decided that being very pregnant over the hottest summer months wasn't good planning! Sounds like Elijah will be a very helpful big brother.
Take good care!

Libbie said...

Hey Jo!

Just checking in! Soooo excited!!! I hope that you are feeling good!!!