Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roller Skating...

Not many people know that, when I was younger, I used to roller skate. Not the normal skating around and around a roller rink, but I actually learned jumps and spins (none of which I was good at). I roller skated from the age of 5 until I was 12. It was then, that I lost all appeal for it. I sucked at it (Others said I didn't, but I have high expectations for myself) and I only had one friend in the class, who dropped out a few weeks before I did. It just wasn't my forte.

My sister, on the other hand, used to watch me at lessons and decided that it was something she would like to do. So at the ripe old age of 3 (although, truth be told, she probably used my skates in our carpeted living room at age 2) she started skating. She was good at it... Heck, she was even great at it. I won't reveal her age, but she has been skating every year, since. This year she got a job being an assistant teacher for our local rec center and ever since Elijah was born she has been dying to get him on skates.

A few months ago, she got to do just that: 

There was a lot of slipping

And Marching

And falling

But he eventually made it out on the floor

He was not thrilled, so they went back on the carpet

He did great, for it being his first time

Reach (and my mom) even talked me into putting some on.

A few spins around felt good, but at that point Elijah was fed up with the whole skating thing (because he's apparently hard on himself also) and decided that playing Angry Birds sounded like a better option. He must have enjoyed himself, though, because for the next few weeks all I heard about was "Let's go skating with Aunt Reach with yellow and orange roller skates"

My child....

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marie said...

How fun that "Reach" took Elijah skating...I'm sure he'll love it once he's used to the skates. I think of him on skates and it reminds me of how much he liked the windows open in the's a wind in the face kind of thing!! : )