Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Little Word... Ok, Maybe Two...

For years I have seen people pick their One Little Word(OLW) to focus on for the rest of the year. I have never really picked one before, but a few times I might have thought "I wonder what my word would be" then 6 seconds later I was thinking about something else.

This year I think I'm gonna try it. In fact I'm going to break the rules and have chosen two words... to make up for lost time. ;-) But seriously, I thought of the first word and to tell you the truth, it did not sound fun -at all-. It was one of those words where I was like, "This is going to be really hard, but it -has- to be done."

That word is

I feel like my life is almost haphazard. I never know what the day is going to bring (to some degree). That used to be exciting, but now that I've reached middle age(hah), it is not that exciting anymore. In fact I feel like I need some sort of structure. Along with that I feel like I need to organize the house and my time better also.

See how depressing and tedious that sounds? So I picked another one. It the kind of word that makes you want to put a pep in your step. It is 

I want to enjoy life. Enjoy my kids while they are little, cause they grow up too fast. Enjoy trips, enjoy hanging out with people, enjoy crafting, enjoy everyday life, enjoy everything. After 2011 being so tiring, it will be a refreshing change.

I have lots of plans involving these two words. I hope to share some of them and their progress as the year progresses. But, for now I am going to go back to organizing my list and prepping for Elijah's birthday party, so I can enjoy myself as it is going on. :-)

Until next time...


Jane said...

Those are great words of inspiration. I may have to give it a try!

marie said...

Perfect words Jo! And they fit together well too. You'll probably "enjoy" life more after you "organize"! : )

ShirleyC said...

Organize needs to be my word every minute of the day! I always have good intentions, and sometimes they happen.
Certainly enjoy those children! I'm enjoying my grands and wondering where my babies have gone!
Thanks for stopping by.

Anne-sophie Vasselin said...

this picture is my tatoo :D