Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's an Angry Birds Party!

One might say Elijah is slightly obsessed with Angry Birds... Ok, I digress... he is a lot obsessed with Angry Birds, to the point that we can get him to do pretty much anything (except eat wet food) with the promise that he would be playing Angry Birds in the near future.

That being said, it should come as no shock to you that when I asked Elijah what kind of birthday party he wanted, he said, "Angry Birds!". As so it was...
The invites were sent out and the planning began

The prep took a little bit of work and imagination since they don't sell Angry Bird party kits.

For decorations we used:

A Banner - Made by Joyce at Scrap For Joy

Balloons from Party City

And different colored tableware
(I forgot to take a picture of the food table)

Once things looked festive, we were ready to get the party started:

Bird houses were set out for painting when the guests arrived
and smocks (purchased at the dollar store) were hanging, waiting to be used

Each child had his or her own paint
(this was in case any of them don't like their colors mixed)

Each child got to pick which bird house he or she wanted to paint

Then the painting started

Some were very precise and only used one color on each section

Some used more than one color on a section

Some didn't care and just mixed all the colors together for a nice effect

Delia and Caleb weren't old enough to
enjoy painting, yet, so they just watched
This is the finished product.
Don't they look great?

After the painting project, it was time to eat. We didn't really have any food named for anything. The closest were hot dogs (king pigs in a blanket). We also had chips, dip, potato and egg salad (half point), macaroni salad, chicken nuggets, fries and a lunch meat platter... that I like to refer to as "the aftermath".

Dessert was a little more festive.
I made cake pops in some of the Angry Birds colors.
(Joe helped me coat them)

I bought the red and green sticks from
ACMoore's Christmas clearance rack

The cake pop maker made so many I
had to have an overflow plate to display them

I also made Hershey bar wrappers as favors
These are the leftovers for the adults to enjoy

Everyone enjoyed the food

After we ate, it was time for the kids to burn off some energy
So we had an egg hunt

We put slips of paper with random numbers on the inside
(ranging from 5-15)
The orange eggs were the "golden eggs"
so they had higher numbers in them
(ranging from 20-45)

After all the eggs were found, my mom and I went into another room to add them up and find a winner.

Meanwhile the kids threw plush angry birds
to knock over these little guys

They were shaker boxes found at ACMoore (for $1.69)
Joe spray painted them light green and we cut out these Angry bird balloon faces
The eyes and snout were adhered them with permenant tape adhesive

The kids had sooo much fun knocking them over

Afterward I announced the winner... it was everybody! So each child got to pick a prize from the prize table in the order their score was in the egg hunt.

Then it was time for present opening and the kids could roam about
playing with whatever they wanted. The toy of choice
though, was the train table Elijah got for Christmas
Who would have known?

Caleb and Delia had a great time together

And Andre dropped in for a little while too

Before the kids left they got a bunch of goodies
and they also took the bird houses home

I tried to make the Hershey bar peep out through the bag

Even Caleb and Delia got one, but theirs had
special baby things in them.

I had a hard time coming up with favors
so I looked on Pinterest and found these
The kids are too little for gumballs, so I filled
them with multicolored M&Ms instead

Then we adhered the cut out circles from this printout
and glued them on with Tombo Mono
The tags on the bags are from that website too

The wrappers were made using an Angry Birds desktop
background that I edited to fit my purpose

After the party Elijah played with some of his toys
This picture composition was completely by accident
but I thought it summed up the party nicely
Angry Birds, the number 4 and nuggets.

He even received some Angry Birds to put on the wall in his room
They are removable, so he can switch them around anytime he wants

It seems like everyone had a great time
and we enjoyed having everyone over

I know Elijah had a wonderful day because he exclaimed that evening, "This was the best birthday day ever!". I can't believe my "baby" is 4 years old...


Anonymous said...

JoJo, you did a good job! I'm glad everything came together for his party. He's such a big boy! :)

The Lady said...

Jo! Amazing! This party was so thoughtful. I love kids parties, so much fun!

Katie said...

I really loved everything that you came up with for the party and I know the kids did too! Thanks so much for letting us take part!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh my-I wish I could have been there for this delightful celebration! The invitations, games and favors you came up with were great Jo! I'm sure the kids had a blast....and slept well that night.
Can I use the picture you took of the banner on my blog? I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture without hanging it. :D
Elijah will change by leaps and bounds this next year...Charlie sure has. So cute!
Thanks again for asking me to be a part of this happy day!!

marie said...

Oh my goodness! Everything looks awesome...I sure wish I had been there. It's definitely a party he'll remember for a long time. You and Joe did a wonderful job! Love all the fun favors and kiddie activities...and Joyce's banner is perfect!