Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthday Parties - Elijah's 7th Birthday - Bowling Party

Elijah's 7th birthday was a bowling/Spider man party. This was the first party where he invited someone outside the usual birthday party group. We had the party at Parkville Lanes (duck pin bowling).

These were the hardest, easiest cupcakes I've ever made. It took forever to make them red.
They just kept being a deeper and deeper shade of pink... until I poured in the gel food coloring which made them a very deep red.

At first everyone was just hanging around.

Then once they had the go-ahead the bowling started.

We bowled for a while, then it was time for Pizza, Pretzels and French Fries

And cupcakes/singing

Then presents

Apparently something was very amusing

Oliver and Elijah needed to examine the Infinity figure

Then it was back for more bowling

Yes, all of them bowled at the same time. It was crazy.

These two are roller skating partners, so they were trying to sync up their bowling moves.

Caleb even got in on the action

Oliver did too

And Kendall and Lillian

One of my favorite pictures from the party

Then at the end of the party we had to say bye to everyone. I think they all had a good time.

I know that we did. In addition to it being super easy for setup and clean up and everything in between. I would highly recommend it.

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