Monday, February 1, 2016

Birthday Parties - Caleb's 2nd Birthday - Pool Party

I was going through all of the old posts to see what I missed and what I touched upon One of the things that I haven't really updated about were the birthday parties for the past couple years.

We usually do a party, no matter how small, for each birthday. The boys really enjoy getting together with everyone in the usual group of invitees and every year it seems more and more other people are invited, especially to Elijah's parties.

In the past few years, I or my mother-in-law have posted about a lot of them:

Elijah's 4th birthday - 2012 - Angry Birds

Caleb's 1st birthday - 2012 - Bubble Guppies


Elijah's 5th birthday - 2013 - Angry Birds

Caleb's Birthday in 2013 was a pool party. As with all of my birthday party posts there are a bunch of pictures.

 Birthday banner

 Prepping the pool for swimming


Chicken shish kabobs medley for lunch

 Along with a bunch of other goodies

While the food was cooking there was plenty of swimming

 Then we went inside to do a craft. They decorated foam sun visors. 

 Even Lulu decorated one. So creative for being a few months old.

 Caleb was ready to dive into the awesome looking cake and cupcakes.


 So excited to sing!


All the party guests enjoyed the cupcakes. Caleb enjoyed the Llama Drama video he loved.

 Then it was time for presents. 

 It was such a fun party and we were grateful that my in-laws let us use their house to host it.

Next up is Elijah's Super Hero Party.

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