Friday, May 15, 2009

Cards and DYL

I have been planning on updating this thing for like a week but I never had the time, but now I'll just share a few things and leave the other things for another post (which hopefully won't be 2 weeks from now).

Lately I've been getting into card making. It's actually quite relaxing. I'm building up my stash so I can just go in there and pick out things instead of having to run to the store for the specific item I need... or think I need ;-). So anyway, here are the first few cards that I've made.

I gave this one to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. She loves little fat birds, so when I saw this stamp that was a little fat bird, I just had to get it. I have no idea about a lot of products I used, except the button is Bo Bunny (aka Shabby Princess in the digital world) and the green polkadot paper is DCWV - Nana's Kids. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to get used to this whole credit thing... If you want to know any other things, I can look and let you know asap.

This was the card I gave my mom for Mother's Day. I got nothin' for the credits.

This is a card I'm going to give our friend Gulzat at her baby shower. I took the picture next to a pair of scissors so you could tell how little it is. It's BABY sized. :-) So yeah, um... I think the stiching around the outside of the yellow is a fiskars stamp. The letters for "baby" are alphabet wooden stamps (I have no idea what brand they are, but they were on clearance at JoAnn's for like $2 (down from $12.99), so I had to get them and now I'm glad I did). The paper is DCWV.

Charlotte's birthday card will be my next project. :-D

Now for Declare Your Love. I would do card making, but that's a little over the top for this entry. So...

I love Carter's clothing

Carter's clothes are so cute and I have an abundance of babies to buy them for. One of them is having a birthday party tomorrow, so tonight I'm going shopping. I'll have to see what ultra cute outfit I can get for her... And of course I'll have to get a few... I mean several outfits for my favorite little boy. I'll probably pick up something for Penelope and Samuel while I'm at it too. Fun times.


marie said...

DYL - I love strawberries! I love to eat the real ones and I love to display the fake ones. The best ones to eat have been coming from Costco lately. Big and juicy...I could eat a ton of them.
The displayed ones are found in my dining room - there are cotton, wool, plastic, wood, glass, paper and ceramic berries to be found.
I love strawberries! Guess I said that already!
Carters is pretty nice too ~ and you always find such cute things there!

PS ~ thanks for my card ~ I really do LOVE fat birds and I love the card too!

Katie said...

Charlotte's card was awesome!!!

DYL - Sleep. Something I'm headed off to do right now.