Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie Friday

We just bought this magnetic, white board for the living room. I thought Elijah would like to play with his number magnets on there and letter magnets (when we get them) or maybe he would like to draw with crayon on it. I didn't really care, it was his board, he could do whatever on it.

All week I've been writing either the alphabet or numbers 1-20 around the outside, because he likes to point to whatever and saying what it is. Then like Wednesday I wrote his full name on the board, but it got messed up, so last night I rewrote his first name really big.

Elijah ran up to the board and started doing this:

I guess that's what a year and a half of watching sesame street will do to ya. Although I'm sure Super Why and Wheel of Fortune helped a little too.

Stay tuned on Monday for another movie. :-)

1 comment:

marie said...

He's brilliant! I have this scheduled to post on my blog on Wednesday.
I can watch this over and over and over....
Makes me happy every time!