Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Creations This Past Month

With Christmas fast approaching, I've had little to no time to create anything with paper products, so when that happens and I still have the urge to create. I turn to digital. That's the awesome part about using digital papers and elements to create things, it's quick, it's easy and there's no clean up. I also love it because it's not permanent, I can try things out at different sizes and flip them so one is facing the other direction. You can't really do that with paper products and stamps.

I saw this awesome QP on Tiffany's blog and thought the colors would be perfect for a layout about my sweet little neice Penelope. They call her Pie sometimes, hence the play on words.

Then I saw this gorgeous mini kit at my friend Shay's, blog. I saw the tree and it was just waiting to be used on a card. I adore the colors and I debated on whether I wanted to print it out and do it as a hybrid card or not. I decided against it because I don't think I had anything to go with it, colorwise. This is what I ended up with. I'm gonna print it out on card stock and send it out to someone. :-)

Thanks for looking. I hope to be able to share more with you all again soon.


marie said...

I love these! They are so know how I feel about grandbabies and fat birds! I bet Jacqi will love the layout of Penelope!

Jacqi said...

HAHA, I love it. Also, we don't just call her "Pie" sometimes - we call her that ALL THE TIME. Tired pie, suger pie, poopy pie, cranky pie, cute pie. . . mostly "cute pie". THANKS