Monday, February 1, 2010

Elijah's Birthday Party

I don't know where time goes anymore, I actually did a double take at my calendar when I was counting how many weeks it has been since we celebrated. To my surprise it has been over 3 weeks since we had his party. Somehow I still feel the need to share a few pics and videos... cause that's what I do. :-)

Studying the balloons he got from his Grandma Marie

He loved playing with the bear.

But, most of all, he loved -hitting- them and watching them bounce back

Enjoying his McNugget Happy Meal dinner. No veggies included.

Time to open presents

He got lots of cool toys, but he loved his Mickey Mouse Club House train the most out of all the presents he received that day.

He played with it for 45 minutes straight... we timed it.

I think his favorite thing of the night was the singing though. That's where the movies come in:

Ok, so he didn't want the cupcake. You saw that. However, you didn't see him get down from his booster seat, go over to the candle laying on the table and try putting it back in the cupcake. At that point he "made" us sing to him again, so -he- could blow out of the candle:

Hope you enjoyed. I will try to update again soon!

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marie said...

I'm so glad thathe enjoyed his balloons! (and the little bear) He sure does like to have Happy Birthday sung to him...I wonder what he'll do when we're singing it to someone other than him!! : )