Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Update

Well... life has been interesting these past couple weeks. I didn't realize that even though every Saturday was pretty much booked that that meant that Thursday and Friday would be booked to prepare for Saturday. So as it is with all my excuses of being pregnant and working full time, we started on the first project (the cross on the hill). I cut the ball in half and Elijah painted it. There are pictures... I remembered to do that at least. However there are is still no cross or flowers on it, so we might do that tonight... if the little boy who decided to wake up way early the past 3 days decides he wants to be in a good mood to do the project. If he's not, whatever, we have until the 24th or later...

I promise to have finished projects and pictures up, soon, though. If you are doing any projects I hope they are coming along better than ours. :-)


marie said...

I heard that a certain little red head has been an early riser lately. I hope that's not a permanent thing!
I'm looking forward to seeing the photos ~ whenever you have a chance to complete the project(s) and post about them. :)

Libbie said...

I actually did comne by to see how those are going :) The idea of me doing crafts with Bo or Rocco would make me a little scared :) I really need to though! You are great inspiration! I don't know if I did a lot of projects with Annie because she is a girl or because I only had one kid :)

Hope you have been feeling good!!!! I can't remember..when are you due?