Friday, April 29, 2011

Progress... With Easter Projects

Here it is. The post that was suppose to be four different posts. Because of this fact, this is very picture heavy post, so beware. :-]

We ended up doing everything except for the pom-pom sheep. I bought the stuff for it though, so when we get a free stretch of time that Elijah seems to be in a good mood we'll do that one.

First up is the "Cross on a Hill". When I went to the store and saw how small the 2" styrofoam balls were, I opted to buy a 5" one instead, so the proportions would kind of match.

I cut it in half with a knife, cause I had no idea how else to cut it... seeing as I don't work with styrofoam much. Then Elijah got to painting...

He only painted the top part, which is fine with me, cause it's his craft.

I let it dry overnight, cause he was bored with the project after he painted it. The next day I let him put on the flowers...

I got flower shaped confetti instead of using stickers, but if I ever do this in the future I will def be using stickers instead. These are the only two pictures that exist for this part, because of the ruckus that was going on... Elijah decided that throwing the confetti all over the floor and dumping it from cup to cup sounded more fun than actually placing the flowers onto the ball.

I have no finished picture because I didn't put the cross together and push it in yet, but you can imagine it'll look pretty cool once it gets to that point.

The next "project" we did was face/body painting. Elijah didn't want the paint anywhere near him, for some reason. I asked if I could draw a heart on his hand and he was like, "OK!" but still just stood half way across the room. When I approached him with the paint crayon to draw it on there, he ran away. So I gave up and just painted my belly like I was planning.

It didn't turn out as good as I had planned, but if you tilt your head, close one eye and squint the other one you can kind tell that it's an egg.

Speaking of eggs... We also dyed some eggs on Friday night. It's an annual tradition at our house to do it that day.

First we put in the tablets. I let Elijah help put them in, since I knew he could be trusted not to put them in his mouth. The measuring cup was his idea...

Next it was time to pick a color. If I had read the box correctly we would have had more eggs, but it turns out there was one egg per color, this year. Not that that bothered Elijah at all.

Then it was "egg toss" time. As Elijah put it. We went through all the colors that way.

This is what we ended up with, afterward. The crack in the one (turned out to be 2 actually) egg was the result of the boiling, not the "tossing".

Then it was sticker time.

He also placed one sticker on each egg. So we have one color and one sticker per egg. That's how he wanted it.
This one is my favorite.

He sat there and played with the eggs for a good hour... admiring his work, naming the colors and counting them as he moved them back and forth between the drying tray and the egg carton.

He only played for an hour because it was bedtime and he needed to get settled down and ready for bed. Here are the eggs all tucked away. I like that you can see a peek of color through the holes in the top. Looks very festive.

That is all I have for now. I will update about the Easter Egg hunt and Easter very soon. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did this Easter. :-)


Katie said...

Looks like he had a grand time, and the belly pic is hilarious!!

marie said...

I can just hear him counting the eggs and naming the colors....1,2,3 and orange, blue, green. He's so smart!
And I agree....the belly is really fun! Baby Raymond's first Easter egg!