Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning to Write... And a Video...

Well there is one thing that I can say I accomplished during my maternity leave, besides surviving going to the store alone with both kids... "I" taugh Elijah how to write. Actually my iPod taught him how to write.

I downloaded this app iWriteWords after seeing him use it on his Uncle Kevin's iPad. The $2.99 for the full version was well worth the money...

Because this is the result.

The whole thing was a process though. I went through many, many things that didn't work before trying the app. First we tried the old try and true handwriting sheets

That didn't work, cause it was boring, so then we got a Dora the Explorer "Let's Write Letters" book.

He liked it, but I didn't realize, as with the other thing, that he didn't get the concept of following the dashed lines. So we headed to one of our local "learning stores". (What I call a learning store is just a place that sells suppliments to teachers and anyone who wants to suppliment a child's education.) The store is a whole other post in and of itself. If I had unlimited funds, I would get in trouble there... but anyway... While we were there we found these letter stencils that show you the steps in writing each letter.

He did wonderfully with these, but couldn't write free-hand, so it frustrated him. I was about to give up and thought maybe he just wasn't ready to write yet. I figured I would give him more time, but the next Sunday we went over his Grandma's house to visit and that is when he started playing with the app.

After a week or two of playing with it, he started writing letters on the refrigerator with dry erase marker, then he started doing it on the blackboard in his room. Yesterday, Joe was watching the kids before I got home from work and taped the video below. When I got home,  he surprised me with it, so I thought I would share it with all of you.

Hope everyone has a great day! Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Elijah!!! I am so proud of you.

Your mommy and daddy have helped you learn so much ~ great job to them too!

Wonderful post and a super, special video!!

Now you just need to learn to spell:

Katie said...

I just finally remembered to check this video out (can't stream at work). That kid's genius is epic!!

Libbie said...

Good to know! Bo is driving me nuts!!! I gotta het that for sure...Elijah sure did an amazing job!!!! Looking good!