Thursday, October 20, 2011

The State Fair...

We always enjoy going to the fair, every year. As they say they are the 11 best days of summer. I don't know if they are the best days, but for $8 admission, it's pretty fun. We usually just pick one day to go, but since I was on Maternity leave and we didn't go on vacation this year, we decided to go three days.

Day 1

Elijah was excited to see the animals. That was all he talked about on the ride over.

He kept trying to feed the animals hay... no matter what animal it was.
I don't think chicks eat hay...

He pet the cow this year and wasn't scared.

He's getting to be a pro at this whole riding by himself thing.

He enjoyed every minute of it.

He also tried impressing the ladies with his muscles.

The fair the first day wasn't without incident though. He tripped
over something and skinned his knee pretty bad. We went
 over to first aid to get him patched up and they did an awesome job. 

 Afterward he wasn't even phased...

A little jumping in the bounce house

And passing out in the car while guarding us from evildoers

Day 2

My mom and I took the boys earlier in the day and met Joe after he got off of work.

Matching all-you-can-ride wristbands

Elijah and I on my favorite ride. The Tilt-O-Whirl. He loved it too.

 He went a roller coaster with Daddy

Then Joe got on a roller coaster by himself

That's Joe facing <--- that way

Caleb and I enjoyed the fair

I think Caleb thoroughly enjoyed himself, between
eating, sleeping and being carried around...
I was in desperate search of chocolate milk, so Elijah accompanied
me to the cow palace/milking barn. This was where he conned me into
getting him a mini ice cream cone. He got to pick the flavor himself, too.

He took three licks and gave it to me to finish. :-)

We hung out a little bit more.

Then my parents took the kids, so Joe and I got to ride a couple rides by ourselves
and play a few games. We played this one game where you get the balls in the
holes that say "fast" "slow" "faster" and Joe won. He got Elijah an Angry Bird.

When we met back up with my parents and Joe gave him the bird.
Contrary to what the picture shows, he was so excited.

Elijah, the Angry Bird and I went on a few more rides,
to get our money's worth out of the bracelets.

Then Daddy rode with Elijah on another non-kiddy ride.

And another kiddy ride. 

We tried to get a good picture as a memento, but it just wasn't meant to be.

The fair kicked us out that night

Elijah insisted that the red bird ride with him, then he promptly fell asleep.

Day 3
We checked out the exibition halls and I found this awesome quilt.
Apparently the judges liked it too cause it won first place

Elijah had to go on a few more rides, but this time he
went on them with other people like Aunt Reach
(Reach is not her birth name, BTW)

And Pop-pop

His favorite ride was the banana ride, though

Mike (Reach's husband) won Reach an elephant,
but Elijah got to hold onto it for a little bit
While I was playing bingo that night Joe took the boys into
the exibition hall where they had a caricature artist.
He had this done for me as a surprise. I love it!
It's now framed and will be hung in the living room.

We left that evening thoroughly worn out. We had a wonderful three days. We can hardly wait for it to come around next year, so we can do it all over again.


Libbie said...

Holy Smokes!!! That was fun! 3 days! You guys are way too fun! That wears me out just looking at it :) Made me smile a lot! I love fairs but lately I haven't been in the mood...the kids go to lots of fairs with my in-laws & I enjoy the day off :)

Elijah loks so gron up going on all those rides! but I do have to say my fave pic is the one where he is passed out with his glowie :) Love it!

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a really fantastic time! I love the second ride photo of Elijah. He looks so grown up!

marie said...

Wonderful! I can finally comment again.
I love all the fair photos...the colors are awesome. I love the one of Elijah on the motorcycle ride and the shot of the boys in the stroller is precious. Love that the whole family was involved in the fun!!