Thursday, October 27, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Festival...

One of the things on the fall section of our fall/winter fun list was going to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. This is an annual tradition in our house. The festival is at Weber's Cider Mill Farm. Usually we opt to go into the area with the hay ride and hay maze, but we remembered that last year Elijah wasn't that excited about either one. They also have a petting zoo, but he wouldn't miss that too much. So this year we decided to go on the cheap and just hang out for a while.

They had a live band, so Elijah enjoyed dancing
to the music with the other kids.

Then he decided to throw hay on daddy
(since everyone else was throwing it in the air)

Then he danced some more

Another thing on our fall fun list was to pick out pumpkins

Elijah picked out his pumpkin

We also looked at some bigger ones for
Mommy and Daddy's pumpkin
(and smaller ones for Caleb)

Everyone was having a great time.
Even sleeping Caleb. :-)

After we picked out pumpkins, we decided to go
inside the store/ice cream shop.
Elijah got another mini ice cream cone.
It was cookies and cream this time

Then my mom came over and offered to take Elijah
apple picking... with my help, of course.

He enjoyed it. It was like a treasure hunt.

He would pick each one and place it in the bag.

I think we ended up picking 8lbs of apples

Along the way, we also got an apple slushie, some corn, an awesome apple caramel pie and a free cider donut. So I would say the day was quite successful, even if we didn't do any of the "fun" stuff.


marie said...

I remember from last year what fun this was! Looks like it was just as much fun this year. The pics of Elijah dancing are awesome but my favorite is the one of him sitting with the pumpkins.
You need to have Joe take a turn with the camera so you're in photos too!

Libbie said...

Oh you guys have all the fun!!! Seriously! That lokoed sooo fun & an apple slushie!!! YUM!!! I am craving one now! :) Isn't it funny how fast those apples get picked ...we always go to pay for our bag & it is always a million dollars! Not really...but close ;) Caleb looks pretty sweet hanging there too :)