Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby To-Do List - 12 Weeks Left

With less than 12 weeks left until Baby Raymond is born I thought this would be a pretty good time to publish a list of things I need to get done before the baby is born. This list has been going on for a while... I just now decided to publish it, since I don't feel like doing anything else on it, but I feel like if I have accountability to update about the progress (Every Thursday), the things will get done faster. In theory this will work. In reality, I have no idea if this will motivate me or not... Hence the horrible job I did updating about the Easter projects.

So here is the list of stuff that needs to be done before the baby makes his arrival:

Need to (in no particular order):
  • Decide on co-sleeper or bassinet
  • Find and buy a bassinet
  • Pick a name... First and middle
  • Go through, organize and wash baby clothes
  • Buy Diapers
  • Buy double stroller
  • Buy a wipe warmer
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Install infant car seat
This is actual a very small list compared to the one I had made before Elijah was born. We still have pretty much everything from when he was a baby, so a lot of the things we had to decide on and buy, we already have and can use again.

As I said, this list has been going on for a while, so here is the progress we've been making, so far.

  • Our friends Steve and Brie gave us a wipe warmer they weren't using
  • Have narrowed down the list of first names, from the entire Bible, to a small list of names we somewhat agree on. I know I said it would either be Caleb or Matthew, but Joe and I aren't loving the name Caleb anymore... Matthew is still on my list though, so we will see.
  • We bought his coming home outfit and Steve and Brie gave us some short sleeve onesies. Now I just need to wash them.
  • We have picked a middle name.
  • Changed middle name and have come up with two full names we are going to choose from once the baby is born.
I'm sure I'll remember more things that we need to do and buy, but for now this list is more than overwhelming enough... But, on that note, can you think of anything I'm forgetting?

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marie said...

I know you guys will get everything done in time - remember if I can help in any way just let know. But it sounds like you have everything under control!
Can't wait to meet him (and to find out his name!) : )