Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...

My Mother's Day was pretty nice. We did some things that were ordinary, like grocery shopping and going to church, but there were also some special things we did and something special that was given to me. So, my Mother's Day went a little like this:

We went to church that morning, to the late service, so I could sleep in (a little). While there, Elijah made this for me in Sunday School:

He was very proud of what he made. He kept saying "That's Elijah's hand!" and he insisted that it was done in crayon, even when I said it was paint, he said, "NO, Crayon..." Ok, it's crayon then... Either way, I love it and will treasure it forever.

The poem made me weepy because of how big he's getting and I would def have baby fever right now if I wasn't pregnant. I can remember like it was yesterday when we were heading to the hospital to have him... Then I look at him and realize he is coming into his own and really is a little boy.
  • Talks in pretty much full sentences
  • Helps with things around the house like straightening up and helping take care of Azalea
  • Listens well, for the most part, when we are out somewhere. It was so nice not to have to worry too too much when we went to the Zoo. When we go to the mall he stays by our side... unless something catches his eye inside a store...
  • (We) can go out to eat without worrying if he's going to act up or not
  • Is starting to examine things Joe and his Pop-Pop (my dad) do, like cutting down a tree, fixing the gutters and shaving. He will actually sit there and watch, with furrowed brow, taking in every step of the process and probably saving it in his mind for use at a later date.
  • Roots for the Orioles (sometimes without coaching)
  • Takes pretty good pictures with my camera
  • Asks hard hitting questions like "What happened to the lights?" when it's dark out and "What is hungry?" When someone said they were hungry on TV. I'm waiting for the harder questions like "Where does the sun go when it's not in the sky?" I'm sure that one is coming sooner than I think
But yeah, so back to what we did on Mother's Day, haha. After church we headed to McD's to pick Elijah up some lunch. While we were in the drive-thru line I smelled the best smell... Grilling meat. Specifically hamburgers. So I decided that I wanted a cheeseburger for lunch (which only happens about once every 10 years). A legit cheeseburger, not a McDonald's one. So we headed across the street to:


Elijah was well behaved for the most part. The O's game was on the TV closest to us, to which he proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs "GO ORIOLES!". It was a pretty laid back lunch, which was nice for an old pregnant woman like myself.

After lunch we went grocery shopping (woopie...) then home. A little while later Elijah requested that we go to the playground, so we did for a little bit. After we went home Joe made me dinner - Fettucini with Asparagus and chicken in a lemon-butter sauce:

(not a picture of the actual dish)

It was pretty good. I think next time he makes it, he should make more sauce and it will taste really good. But it's the thought that counts, in my book, and I appreciate that he would take out the time to make it for me.

After dinner we watched the Amazing Race finale and then it was bedtime for all. Overall a good Mother's Day. I hope yours was good too.


marie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love the gift Elijah made for you...what a sweet memory that will be for you. He's such a little man now - isn't he!?

How nice of Joe to make a special meal for you and I agree....Red Robin burgers are so YUM!

I'm so glad you enjoyed you special day!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great day! You just can't beat Red Robin for lumch and someone else cooking for dinner!!

Libbie said...

Hey Jo!

Sounds like a wonderful Day! Don't you just love those Sunday School teachers always making sure we get things from our kids :)

Elijah is sure growing up! I can't wait to get all the kids to the good at resteraunts point :) It'll be awhile :) Better go i hear Roo crying :)