Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat...

Last year, during this weekend, my sister was getting married. So Elijah got to dress up and hang out with the adults at the reception. He was Super Why and he loved every minute of it.

Especially when he thought he could climb up the walls

But this year we didn't have a wedding to go to, so we went to Trunk or Treat at our church. We originally planned on doing a trunk when it was going to be on Saturday the 29th. But it ended up sleeting/snowing that day, so they postponed it to Monday night (Halloween). Since I work full time we couldn't do a trunk and we were disappointed at first, but we had fun just attending.

As we approached the parking lot we
didn't know what to expect

We stood in line for registration, then Elijah got to pick
out some goodies before we got to the trunks

Still snaking around to get to the trunks.
Eljiah looks ready to go.

There was a princess trunk

A hunting trunk

A Smurf trunk
(You can't see it, but the trunk looks like the giant mushroom)

A wintertime trunk

Elijah got his picture with "Oscar the Grouch"

Then he entered the "Heroes spaceship"
There were guys outside dressed like X-Men,
the Green Lantern and all sorts of other superheroes.
This was another really fun trunk

I especially liked this one. Professor Xavier from X-Men

Someone brought a rabbit to pet

Elijah decided to take a rest on the inflatible couch

There was a bee trunk

An Orioles trunk

One of the two Angry Birds trunks
Elijah fit right in with this one

A Masquerade trunk

A Monopoly trunk

The other angry bird trunk
On this one you could try to hit the pig by throwing
the bird (attached to a string)

There was a cheerleading trunk
These were Elijah's "groupies".
When they saw him, they screamed "It's an Angry Bird!"
and ran over with handfuls of candy to give to him.

Then they wanted their picture taken with him.
One of the girls also took a pic of him with her phone.
It was all quite amusing.

I thought this was cute.

Aladdin and Jasmine

A Dolphins trunk
(I actually took this for my friend Linz, cause she's a huge Dolphins fan)

A knitting trunk
(this was a good, warm, idea)

Joe kept getting a hard time about wearing his Steelers jersey.
This guy, dressed as a blind referee, came over
(acting like he was blind, no less)
yelling, "I smell a Steelers fan!"

When we reached the last of the trunks they
had miniature ponies to look at/pet.

This is what Caleb was doing 85% of the time.
I think he enjoyed himself.

He woke up at the very end
Just in time to take pictures in the photo booth

When we got home we took another picture.
For scrapbooking purposes

And dumped out his loot.
He made out really well.

Caleb even got some things. They both got "sippy cups"
and Caleb got giant goldfish graham crackers
They will be saved for next month when he can eat people food.

I expected this event to be fun, but everyone was in such a good mood. You could feel the warmth from everyone you talked to, whether they had a trunk or were doing registration or standing near us in line. That is one thing I love about our church, even though it's -huge- (3,000 people attending every weekend kinda huge) everyone is so nice and friendly that it makes you feel like you're part of one big family. :-)

Until next time...

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marie said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry we missed out on looks awesome! Love all the photos. You got some great ones. The shot of Elijah and his groupies made me laugh out loud - and Joe and the blind referee did too! I love the photo booth pics too.
I sure hope we can go to this next year!