Monday, October 22, 2012

Book - It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Elijah adores Halloween and Charlie Brown, so when he found this book at the bookstore last month we had to buy it.
It is kind of like a sticker book, but not really. It comes with a few sheets of stickers and as you read along you put the stickers on the pages to complete the story.

He had fun figuring out where the stickers belonged. There are white outlines to help piece everything together.

This is Elijah's favorite page. He loves reciting the lines:
"I got a chocolate bar"
"I got a quarter"
"I got a rock"
Laughter ensues every time...

He couldn't figure out where some of the stickers went, so daddy came to the rescue.

This is a great Halloween present (cause apparently that is a new thing that people do) or a "just because" present for any little person you might know. Barnes and Noble was running a special when we bought it, buy two kids books you get this book for $3.99. Since we were already there to buy a birthday present and we were looking for another book as well, it worked in our favor. I found out this weekend that they are still running the sale this week. I have also seen it at Walmart for pretty cheap ($6 or $7), if you want to pick it up there instead.

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marie said...

I love that Elijah loves books! This is a cute...maybe I should get him a "chocolate bar, a quarter and a rock" for Halloween!