Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caleb's First Birthday...

Since I updated about Caleb party I thought I would show a "few" photos from his actual birthday. In our house we always celebrate on the day in addition to any other celebration that happens. 

There are balloons... and food of course.

The birthday boy gets to pick the meal, for dinner, but for first (and sometimes second) birthdays the meal is picked for him. 

Caleb LOVES Papa John's pizza, so that was "his" pick. 

Next is dessert. Cake and ice cream... Smash cake for a first birthday.

He didn't want to touch it

He definitely doesn't like it.

He tried a little, but started to cry, so we went onto presents.

He wasn't too into the presents, cause it was past his bedtime

Mommy to the rescue to calm him down a bit.

He liked the chair Aunt Reach gave him. He looks so cute in it.

Not too impressed with the drum or the elephant ball...

Elijah decided that since Caleb wasn't into his toys that they were up for grabs... and so was his seat...

Elijah got some presents too, for being the big brother (also so he wouldn't feel left out)

This is a Mickey Mouse book and activity kit with little figurines and a "map". He loves this thing more than anything else. He plays with it every single day.

Caleb had enough of everything at this point and was ready to pass out.

So off to bed he went, so he could enjoy playing with his toys much more the next day.

Mr. Caleb-Caleb... What a sweetie pie.


Katie said...

an that kid is cute. It's unfair really. :)

marie said...

Love his expressions in the cake pictures! He's such a cute guy.

Elijah looks so big sitting in Caleb's new chair! He's growing up so fast!

Libbie said...

Loks like Elijah made out on Caleb's birthday! It always cracks me up how ew give the one yearold all these toys & the big kids are the only ones who care :) He'll enjoy them soon enough! & I am sure he will spend many hours in his chair! Lucky boy! Too funny about not liking the cake! Smart kid!