Friday, October 5, 2012

State Fair 2012

As per our annual tradition we went to the Maryland State Fair this past August. We went three half days again this year. Because Joe was at home with the boys he would take them over around 3pm and I would meet them there about 6pm, since my job is only about 20 minutes away from the fairgrounds. We went one day, by ourselves, so Joe could go to a Newsboys concert they were having. My mom treated to admission for the other two days.

This year we visited and saw some different things than we usually do. That's what great about the fair, year to year they always have some new things to see and do.

This was the first day before I got there. They were tuckered out.

Once he woke up Elijah decided to get on some rides. He loved the fact that this year he could get on more by himself.

At that point, Joe went to the concert and the boys hung out with me for a few hours.

We ate dinner while we watched a guy carving a log with a chainsaw. It was pretty awesome, minus the gas fumes... Caleb didn't know how to feel about the whole situation.

Then more rides.

And a photo-op. Sorry for the blurriness  I was attempting to keep Caleb on the seat with one hand (cause he kept lunging at the camera) while taking the picture with the other.

We walked around a lot not really doing too much. We checked out the concert from afar. Not too long after that Joe joined us again and we headed home.

Thursday was the second day we went. Joe took them over again before I got off of work.

This was Elijah's favorite ride... He could have rode on it all day if we let him. It's the type of ride that goes fast in an oval and when you reach either end it pulls you back in your seat because of the force. Funny thing about this is that when I was pregnant with Elijah, Joe and I went to Hershey Park and the only ride I allowed myself to get on was the whip, which is the adult version of this ride. Too weird.

The fair would not be complete without eating. Mmmm fair food is so good. The corn especially. (By the way, in case you were wondering, that is my sister and my brother-in-law sitting with us.)

That evening we were treated to some random fireworks. They were planned, but they were random to us because we didn't know they were going to happen. When they first went off a lot of people thought it was gunshots. Fun times, fun times...

They were pretty good.
Caleb wasn't impressed. He's a very cautious child, unless it comes to climbing on something, then he has no fear.

Elijah, on the other hand, loved them.

After the fireworks the boys played the duck grabbing game. They won this giant banana (unfortunately... haha)

Then it was time to take the annual picture. We ended up asking some random guy with a tripod if he could take the picture. He did an awesome job!

We were walking towards the exit when Elijah (and Joe) spotted the bumper cars. They rode on it several times.

Then he took a ride with his Pop-pop.

This year Caleb was only able to get on the Merry-go-round, but next year, he should be able to get on some other rides.

We were kicked out of the fair that night. The first time that has ever happened.

The next day we went for the last time. Originally it was just suppose to be Joe and I, but my mom and dad had brought the boys just to walk around.

We started out in one of the pavilions looking at all the neat 4-H creations and projects. I think I might look into taking Elijah to 4-H starting next year. I think he would really like it.

This was his favorite display. He stood there for about 15 minutes examining everything on it.

This was another great one.

That evening in another pavilion they had a pumpkin carver. He does awesome work!

This girl photo-bombed this picture.... Don't know who she is. I had to laugh when I found it on the camera though.

There we go. Two sweet little boys.
They also had a fake horse you could pretend to ride. Elijah thought it was awesome.

Then there was a craft... Horseshoe decorating. Elijah decorated his all by himself.

Joe made Caleb's. I plan on hanging them up in Elijah's room or in the living room.

During "dessert" Caleb was eyeing up my ice cream, but didn't like it when he took a lick (weird child).

That was the end of our week of fair fun. There was tons more that we didn't take pictures of, like a caricature of the boys, Elijah and I playing bingo, Elijah, Joe and I going on the tilt-a-whirl together and so on and so forth. These are the best days of summer... It's always sad to see it go. But as we have Elijah say when leaving the fair, "Bye fair! See you again next year!"


marie said...

Great fair pictures Jo! Elijah definitely looks like he had a fun time this year! Love the pics of him on the rides!! Caleb looks like he's just taking it all in.

So many fun the giant banana, Elijah on his favorite ride, Caleb watching the fireworks, and the whole family photo! My favorite is the first one...tuckered out for sure!

Libbie said...

I forgot what big fair goers you guys are! much braver than I! I think this is the second year we skipped it altogether. But your pics make me wish we had gone! It is fun isn't it! The banana totally cracked me up! fun to carry that baby around :) Glad you guys had so much fun!!!