Monday, October 1, 2012

Washing the Car...

Since Joe lost his job we have had to be more frugal with our finances (this is something we should have been doing all along, but I digress). We have cut back a lot and one of the things we cut back on is entertainment. All summer we tried really hard to be good. One Saturday we decided that the car needed washing... and Elijah needed something to do, so obviously we put the two together.

He really liked washing the car with his daddy.

Playing in the suds was his favorite part.

He did a good job washing the bottom half of the car... Joe took over for half Elijah couldn't reach.

All in all it was a great activity. Cheap fun is the best kind of fun.


marie said...

Making memories doesn't have to cost a lot. This looks like it was a lot of fun!!
Joe used to love to help wash the cars when he was father, like son.

Nice photos Jo!

Anonymous said...

I'm now obviously catching up on Soooo. But I LOVE these pictures sooo much.