Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby To-Do List - 7 Weeks Left

Another dud in the progress department... Well, for baby stuff. You would have thought, by my OB telling me my belly grew a LOT since the last time I was there and that the baby is head down, that a miracle would have happened and I would have been doing everything on the list, that day. Hah, actually, I couldn't, because after my doctors appointment I came home to Elijah and Joe... Elijah had a 102 fever and Joe had a sprained foot, so we headed to yet another doctor, called Patient first.

Elijah has a double ear infection. Joe has a severely sprained foot/ankle. That meant that for the rest of the night I had to take care of both of them. The next day, the feeling of wanting to get things done had passed and that is the reason (even though I didn't need one) nothing was accomplished this week.

Need to (in no particular order):
  • Decide on co-sleeper or bassinet
  • Find and buy a bassinet
  • Pick a name... First and middle
  • Go through, organize and wash new born clothes 
  • Go through, organize and wash 0-3 month clothes 
  • Buy Diapers  
  • Buy double stroller  
  • Buy a wipe warmer  
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Install infant car seat
  • Buy small toys/gifts for Elijah to receive when the baby gets presents
  • Wrap the small toys for Elijah
  • Buy the big present for Elijah

Progress this week:

  • Ok, I lied, we picked up a few more little presents for Elijah and unless we see other ones that are yelling out "buy me!", I think we are done.
This next week has potential though. Joe is on my back to pick out, and order, a bassinet. So that will most likely be happening. We also got this awesome coupon book from BJs wholesale that has like 10 coupons we can use, on things we usually buy, so the diaper buying may soon make it way off of the list too.


Katie said...

Even though last week wasn't that successful, you're still making good progress and have a list that can easily be accomplished before the little guy arrives, which is far more than I could say for myself when I was preparing for Charlotte. Let me know if there's anything I can help with!

marie said...

I think you're making good progress with that list....I say take the weekend off and relax! Well maybe just part of the weekend!