Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby To-Do List - 4 Weeks Left

3 weeks, 2 days, 9 hours and 14 minutes to be exact... I'm just kidding, but it would be kinda nice to know exactly when I am going to go into labor, so I could procrastinate until the day before... or the day of, like I do with everything else. That is partly why I started this weekly update. I know myself and if I didn't have some accountability nothing would be getting done. Soooo, on that note, onto the list...

Need to (in no particular order):
  • Decide on co-sleeper or bassinet
  • Find and buy a bassinet
  • Pick a name... First and middle
  • Go through, organize and wash new born clothes 
  • Go through, organize and wash 0-3 month clothes 
  • Buy Diapers  
  • Buy double stroller  
  • Buy a wipe warmer  
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Install infant car seat (probably won't be done until right after the baby is born)
  • Buy small toys/gifts for Elijah to receive when the baby gets presents
  • Wrap the small toys for Elijah (put them in gift bags is more like it)
  • Buy the big present for Elijah
  • Install TV in Elijah's room  
  • Find baby tub
  • Buy gift for Elijah from the baby
  • Wrap present from baby
  • Buy bassinet sheets
Progress this week:
  • They delivered the bassinet, so it is physically in our house... potentially with all the parts, but I guess we'll find that out when Joe puts it together (Update - We put it together last night and it looks great!)
  • I packed the essentials for my hospital bag... That way, if Captain Caveman (what I've been calling the baby) decides to come early, I will have the important things ready to go... like paperwork, cameras and make-up. I should be packing everything else sometime this week... or when I start having contractions... whichever happens to come first.
  • My sis said that she read somewhere that it helps smooth things over if "the baby" buys the older siblings a present. So we decided to do that... We just need to wrap it.
  • We almost bought Elijah's big gift last night (a basketball hoop for children), but are having second thoughts about what to get him. I really want to buy him a Nook (ridiculous, I know, and totally out of our price range for presents), but I think we will save that for Christmas (as a family present) and go back to the drawing board for what to buy him.
We've gotten to the point in the list that nothing urgent needs to be done that can't be done after the baby is born (except for my hosptial bag, which I swear will get done this week :-)). That makes me feel a lot better. Until next week...


marie said...

Yea! The baby has a place to sleep!
I like the idea of Elijah getting a gift from his new babay brother...I'm sure he'll like the idea too!

A Nook sounds like a great family Christmas present by the way.

Scrap for Joy said...

I didn't see anything on that list about getting as much rest as you can...important you know.
"Captain Caveman"...that made me giggle.