Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 100 Piece Puzzle...

Way back in December (which, in reality, was only two months ago) Elijah and I worked on a Christmas present for Joe. Joe is a Star Wars freak fanatic... he has seen the movie more times than I probably even know about and he can recite the first three movies (technically the second three, if you are going timeline wise) pretty much line by line.

So for his present we decided to get him something special. It's not one of a kind, but still would be special because Elijah worked on it. It was a 100 piece Star Wars puzzle:

It took two nights to put together.

I didn't take pictures the first night because Elijah didn't get the concept of putting the border around before starting on the inside. Because of that, he threw a fit, refused to continue and screamed when I tried to take his picture. (Doesn't that sound fun?) So, we put away the puzzle for a couple weeks... that was when I finally got brave enough to attempt this endeavor again.

He was fine the second night, so I'm chalking
the first night's disaster up to tiredness.

He did a good job matching up colors and correcting himself
when he tried to put the piece in the wrong spot

If you didn't notice by now, we put it together in a box top,
to prevent the pieces from sliding off the surface

As we got closer and closer to the end,
he got more and more excited

Of course it would have made complete sense to take a picture of the finished product, but I apparently forgot. Mommy brain at it's finest...  I'm just glad Elijah enjoyed himself the second night and was super proud to give it to Joe... That night.  There is no waiting when dealing with a 3-year-old...

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marie said...

Great job Elijah and neat idea Jo!
Maybe Joe can teach the Star Wars lines to Elijah and Caleb and they can act out the movie for us sometime.